We make it easy for food manufacturers to create exciting new foods. We’ve designed microbial communities that produce the world’s first 0-calorie fermented soda, beers with new flavors, and new yogurt-like smoothies.

Many of the most popular foods we eat are made by communities of microbes. This is how beer, chocolate, cheese, and yogurt are all made. All of these foods were discovered by accident by our ancestors, and now for the first time we can design new microbial communities that will create an explosion of entirely new categories of food.


1. A hand-selected community of naturally-occurring microbes that create foods with entirely new tastes and health benefits

We are designing microbial communities that can invent entirely new types of food.


20th-century food production utilized chemical approaches to enhance the scalability, flavor, and mouthfeel of food. Yet we are now suffering from an epidemic of chronic diseases closely linked to our diets and nutrition.

21st-century food production will harness the power of biology to naturally produce healthy and great-tasting foods. Microbes represent the most scalable manufacturing technology on earth, and for the first time we can now access millions of undiscovered, natural microbes to assemble into infinite combinations.


We’re a team of world-class scientists and culinary R&D experts. Our work is defining an entirely new field of science, in which we characterize and harness the vast microbial diversity of nature through microbial ecological design, without any synthetic engineering.


Launched at Y-Combinator’s Summer 2020 Demo Day

We participated in Y-Combinator’s seed accelerator program and presented at the Summer 2020 batch’s Demo Day.


Fermented sauces featured by Michelin-starred restaurants

We invented a new fermentation process that yields sauces with entirely new flavors, and began selling to Eleven Madison Park, Gramercy Tavern, and Crafted Hospitality.


Received grant from the National Science Foundation

We received a Phase I Small Business Innovation Research grant from the federal government to develop new foods made naturally by microbes.


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