We enable CPG companies to precisely tune the sensory and functional properties of their products using natural biology.  We re-assemble nature's microbes into new combinations, creating plant-based foods that taste like dairy, low-alcohol beverages with full flavor, and natural preservatives that work as well as artificial ones.

We work with clients across diverse industries including food, beverage, personal care, beauty and more. Our technology comprises an expansive biobank of GRAS microbial strains, high resolution strain characterization, and new algorithms for predicting and assembling microbial communities.


1. A precisely-designed community of natural microbes with entirely new functional and sensory properties.

The world's first platform for natural microbial culture design.


We take in your product specifications and success criteria, and develop a customized culture or fermentate solution. Unlike other biodesign companies, we deliver against the end specs and consumer benefits that you care about, not just the production of single molecules. We have the ability to impact a diverse range of product functionalities, and can use the full diversity of biology as our toolkit instead of just single metabolites or proteins.

We go from concept to commercialization in as little as 6 months, and work closely with our clients across definition, iteration and deployment. Supercultures allow you to clean up ingredient labels, deliver consumer products with new functionalities, improve the taste/texture of plant-based foods, and more.


We’re a team of world-class microbiome scientists and engineers. Our work is defining an entirely new field of science, in which we rationally design natural microbial communities with emergent functionalities.


Launched at Y-Combinator’s Summer 2020 Demo Day

We participated in Y-Combinator’s seed accelerator program and presented at the Summer 2020 batch’s Demo Day.


Fermented sauces featured by Michelin-starred restaurants

We invented a new fermentation process that yields sauces with entirely new flavors, and began selling to Eleven Madison Park, Gramercy Tavern, and Crafted Hospitality.


Received grant from the National Science Foundation

We received a Phase I Small Business Innovation Research grant from the federal government to develop new foods made naturally by microbes.


Interested in creating natural products with exciting sensory and functional properties?

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